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tv   Campaign 2020 Sen. Bernie Sanders in Manchester NH  CSPAN  February 12, 2020 6:45am-6:59am EST

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>> vermont senator bernie sanders declared victory and thanked supporters for his win in the new hampshire primary. he spoke from manchester. [cheering] ♪ power to the people ♪wer to the people
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[cheering] sen. sanders: thank you. >> [crowd chanting] bernie! sen. sanders: thank you. thank you.
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[laughs] thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you, new hampshire! thank you, new hampshire. let me take this opportunity to thank the people of new hampshire for a great victory tonight.
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[cheering and applause] sen. sanders: and let me thank the thousands of volunteers in new hampshire. thank you. who knocked on doors in the rain and the snow and the cold. [cheering] sen. sanders: the reason that we won tonight in new hampshire, we we won last week in iowa --
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[cheering] is because of the hard work of so many volunteers. and let me say tonight that this victory here is the beginning of the end for donald trump. [cheering and applause] [crowd chanting] sen. sanders: with victories behind us, popular vote in iowa, and the victory here tonight, we are going to nevada, south carolina, we are going to win those states, as well. [cheering] sen. sanders: and tonight, i want to take the opportunity to
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express my appreciation and respect for all of the democratic candidates we ran against. pete buttigieg, amy klobuchar, elizabeth warren, joe biden, and what i can tell you with absolute certainty, and i know i speak for every one of the democratic candidates, is no matter who wins, and we certainly hope it is going to be us, we are going to unite together. we are going to unite together and defeat the most dangerous president in the modern history of this country. [cheering] sen. sanders: and the reason i believe we are going to win is because we have an unprecedented
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grass-roots movement from coast-to-coast of millions of people. [cheering] sen. sanders: the reason we are going to win is we are putting together an unprecedented multigenerational, multiracial political movement. [cheering] sen. sanders: and this is a movement from coast-to-coast which is demanding that we finally have an economy and government that works for all of us, not wealthy campaign contributors. [cheering] sen. sanders: and i want to thank all of those people who have worked and contributed to our campaign, but make the point
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that at this point in the campaign, we are taking on billionaires, and we are taking on candidates funded by billionaires. [cheering] sen. sanders: but we are gonna win because we have the agenda that speaks for the needs of working people throughout this country. health care is a human right, not a privilege. [cheering] sen. sanders: the wealthy andyir fair share of taxes. [cheering] sen. sanders: we will make public colleges and universities tuition free and cancel all student debt. [cheering]
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sen. sanders: unlike donald trump, we know climate change is very real and an existential crisis for our planet. we are prepared to tell the fossil fuel industry that their short-term profits are not more important than the future of our planet. [cheering] [crowd chanting] sen. sanders: we are going to end a racist and broken criminal justice system. [cheering] sen. sanders: we are going to pass comprehensive immigration reform. [cheering]
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sen. sanders: our gun safety policies will be determined by the american people, not the nra. [cheering] sen. sanders: and under our administration, it will be women, not the government, who control their own lives. [cheering] sen. sanders: now, our campaign is not just about beating trump, it is about transforming this country. [cheering] sen. sanders: it is about having the courage to take on wall street, the insurance companies, the drug companies, the fossil fuel industry, the military industrial complex. [cheering]
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sen. sanders: so tonight, i want to thank the people of new hampshire for this great victory, and all of our volunteers, and urge all americans to join our effort to transform this country at [cheering] >> [crowd chanting] bernie! sen. sanders: it is on to nevada, south carolina, on to win the democratic nomination, and together -- [cheering] sen. sanders: and together, i have no doubt that we will defeat donald trump. thank you all very much! [cheering and applause]
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>> [crowd chanting] bernie! [cheering] ♪ [crowd chanting] ♪
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♪ [cheering]
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♪ >> vermont senator bernie sanders took the top spot in the new hampshire primary, with people to judge and amy klobuchar running out the top three. >> you can stay up on the primary results and watch all of
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the speeches from the candidates on our special campaign 2020 >> live wednesday on the c-span networks, the house returns at 10:00 a.m. for general speeches and at noon for a wilderness land bill. the senate continues work on judicial nominations and begins debate on a war powers resolution that would limit a action against iran. on c-span3, hearings on the president's budget proposal. at 10 a.m. the committee looks at the budget and at 1 p.m. we join the senate finance committee. >> coming up in 90 minutes, politico budget and appropriations reporter on
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